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Flats Fishing

Shallow water sight fishing in the Florida Keys with an experienced guide is one of the greatest fishing experiences in the world.

Fly Fishing

In the world of fly fishing, the Florida Keys is at the pinnacle of the sport. All respond positively to a well placed fly.

Fishing With Kids

The key to kids is to make sure they catch a lot and often so boredom doesn’t set in. This will get them hooked on fishing.

Captain Ziels has put me on big fish for 10 years with patience, advice and encouragement after all my blown shots. Serious shallow saltwater anglers are lucky to have him on the platform. I know I am.

—Greg Furda Chicago, IL

Capt Todd is an excellent guide: knowledgeable, patient, stealthy and witty. His efforts paid off and I went 2–for-2 on permit hookups. We also saw tarpon, sharks, turtles and Sting/Eagle rays. It was a great day on the water!

—Dustin Sedlak Marathon, FL

Todd Ziels has guided me in the Florida Keys for ten years. He knows where the fish are. He brings extensive skill and experience to position the boat and the angler for the best shot. Intelligent and easy going Todd makes a day on the water truly enjoyable. He provides great gear and his “secret” flies really produce.

—Gerry Smart Boulder, CO

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Bonefish, permit, tarpon, jack, barracuda and shark are the most frequent target species in shallow water sight fishing in the Keys.


From a Hells Bay Professional to a Hells Bay Marquesa, Captain Ziels knows what kind of boat you need for rough or smooth water.


Captain Ziels provides all of the equipment, including lures and bait, required for shallow water fishing.


Fishing is different in every season, so being prepared for the weather and water temperature is essential for fishing success!

Expert Fishing With Captain Ziels

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