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Fishing with Kids

One on One Personal Instruction

As a parent, it is rewarding to see ones youngster get hooked on fishing. As a parent of two myself, I know how to make that happen. There are several benefits to fishing the flats with kids. For one, we are shallow, sea sickness is not an issue. Snapper, sharks, jacks, and barracuda are all great fish for youngsters to cut their teeth on. And what bragging rights it is for them to go back and tell their friends about all the fish they caught.

Being on a flats boat is a personable experience, and the Captain is able to spend one on one time and instruction to make their experience a memorable one. The key to kids is to make sure they catch a lot and often so boredom doesn’t set in. This will get them hooked on fishing.

November through march is a great time for kids fishing with the abundance of several species of fish to bend the rod.


Expert Fishing With Captain Ziels

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